Spring 2024 Program

Our cooperative is specialized to accommodate the needs of students and families.  Elementary kids need a program wherein their learning style is respected, and they can follow their passions.  Families can register for one to four days of programming depending on what works best with their homeschooling programs.  If you did not register in the fall, you must register for both a Membership to cover registration costs for the year, then the day(s) of programming.  Registering for individual classes is the last step in the process.

To best serve our families, we have dedicated Mondays and Wednesdays to elementary students, with some classes available for middle and high aged siblings.  Families can sign up for one or two days.  The program runs from 9:15 to 2:30. Monday classes begin in March, due to ski season.

Tuesday and Thursday have more options for students who are at middle and high school level.   Classes will be a mixture of fun and academic.

Our Young Child Program will run every day, and is designed to be a fun introduction to being part of a cooperative environment.  Parent participation is required for the Young Child Program, and spots are limited.

When registering, please use direct links from email and latitudelearning.org website.  Searching for classes and events using the search bar on Sawyer results in steep fees to Latitude. If you are unable to find what you are looking for please email admin@latitudelearning.org . We will reply within 72 business hours.

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