Our Unique Programing

Imagine a program to meet the needs of your child

 – Classes in individual or cross-curricular subjects

 – Teachers support the individual learning styles of each child

 – A strong community that enables homeschoolers to excel in class and beyond

 – Opportunities for young children through teenagers

 – Access to a lending library of homeschool materials

– Support and advisory to navigate curriculae and requirements, community resources, and more

All of this can be found at Latitude.

Our curated schedule and excellent instructors do not follow the recitation of facts modality imposed by the majority of schools.  In fact, prior to instructing at Latitude, they must agree to our standards of excellence which include the following beliefs:

    – All children are unique;

    – All children have individual learning styles that are valid; and

    – Work asked of children should be valuable to the process of learning.

Our daily schedule is designed so that kids can take one class or a day’s worth.  Parents are invited to stay at our facility, participate in parent support groups and activities, or they can drop off their children.  There will be comfortable space available for families to wait.

There is time allotted after lunch and at the end of the day for exercise and club meetings.  

Latitude is designed to be affordable.  We are supported by individuals passionate about educational alternatives.  

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